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30 Days Tomorrow, Looking For Advice

It’s my fourth attempt on nofap, tomorrow’s gonna be my 30th day. AMA? Fuck no. During these 30 days all I know is that I know nothing about myself and about the world around me. Am I proud of my streak? No way. I feel that the battle has just begun. All the urges were just a foreplay now that I am able to see what lies ahead. Sure there are benefits like the so called superpowers, but they are not my ultimate goal. I want to find out who the hell is this guy in the mirror and I feel like the answer is getting closer every day. I can also tell that the next couple of months is gonna be hard. I can feel it. I want it. I want it to be hard, I want to feel the pain coz somehow I feel it will help me change into the man I want to become.
To all new noFappers: So how is this fourth attempt different from my previous 3? After the last relapse I said to myself- Enough. I want to change. I need to change. No more porn, back to normality. I was able to see the pathetic me and I didn’t like what I saw. As simple as that.
Key to success so far?- First of all- ask yourself if you want to try it or if you want to do it. If the latter is you answer then here are some tips: no edging, no browsing, no filters, no PORN. It’s gotta be in you, not in some k9 software or nofap page. If you can’t go without lurking- you won’t make it. If you can’t go without edging- you will not make it. If you can’t go without having k9 installed- you will not make it. That’s what I’ve learnt so far.
Benefits that I attribute to noFap:

Social anxiety- making some good progress, 3 months ago couldn’t start a coversation with a female, I was too shy. Now I feel bad when I can’t do it (if i’m at work for example), chatting to women started to be fun. Need to work on my social skills though, can’t keep the conversation going but guess what- I don’t give a fuck

Not giving a fuck- yup…
Eyes- Gorgeous  
Voice- deeper (according to some women- sexy)
Skin- Looks the same, but I never had any problems with skin
Energy levels- through the roof. 6-7 hrs of sleep is enough (used to be 8-10)
Mind clarity- starts to show, hence this post 🙂
ED- Dunno, but I’m pretty sure that it’s gone (morning wood everyday)  
Female attention- It’s hard to describe. Women stare at me more, smile at me more and blush more when i talk to them. But here’s a really weird thing that happened to me: Before nofap I somehow managed to start dating a gorgeous and passionate woman. She of course dumped me after like 2 months, which now is obvious for me as I was a needy little fuck at that time. Now, when I start to get my shit back together- she’s all over me. She told me that something is different about me. That she feels secure and feminine when being around me. Pleasant?- Indeed. Confusing?- As fuck…

Keep in mind that all of these (apart from social anxiety)are just the physical benefits of doing nofap. What’s more important is the change in your thinking. How you see yourself, how you think about others, about the world around you. I know I’m now going into flatline and I want it, I want to face it coz I know I’m ready for it. 
I will also ask for some input from more experienced members. If you could give a brief description of what to expect during a flatline, how to deal with it. I want to get as much information as possible coz I’m not going back where I came from.
Don’t wish me luck. I don’t need it 🙂

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  1. Thanks. And keep going and make nofap a lifestyle. This blog is not much popular and I was also busy in some work so couldn't post something good from Jan 16. I run this blog as a hobby and I would be glad if someone finds this nofap lifestyle intriguing

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