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An Open Letter To The NoFap Men

You’ve been through hell, puberty, and back, and I have the deepest appreciation for all of you. Following are my favorite reasons you guys and what you do are some of the greatest on earth.

If you can do this, you can do anything. Seriously. You’re quitting an addiction that mainstream culture insists does not exist. By denying its effects, they’re robbing you of outside support and help, while simultaneously fueling media that impedes your progress. The journey out of this addiction is a lonely one with temptation everywhere. Massive kudos to you for pulling yourself out of it using sheer willpower and building a new lifestyle from scratch.
We all feel the effects of NoFap. Don’t deny this fact, it’s extremely important. Everything you do affects all of the people surrounding you. Forget your SO for a second– I’m talking about the friends in your life, your family; heck, seems like half of the posts on here are stories about a lonely addict’s first real encounters with real people. After weeks or months of invisibility, of progress invalidated by people around him, it’s spilling out of his mind and into real life.
Women feel the effects of NoFap. You know all about this. The most direct effect of NoFap. PIED? Pfft. I’m talking about something else. There are a few men in my life whose very presence makes me feel instantly different. I’m more open, friendly, funny, and happy. Seems like it might be some sort of a testosterone “aura”, enabling us to experience some of the benefits that you do while you’re doing NoFap. Maybe it’s just the confidence I’m sensing. Either way, I love it and I want to be around it all the time.
You are SERIOUSLY empowering women! When we’re around you, we’ve finally found a little world where we aren’t objectified. We’re more than sex objects, and we’re allowed simply to be human again, not automatically assigned stereotypes by the word “female”. In this world we don’t have to suffer culturally-induced materialism and eating anxiety, we don’t have to suffer sexual abuse and shackling sexism. We’re not given a handicap, but we’re not diminished to seductresses. Porn infects society and reduces us to sex toys. It says “the only power you have is in giving sexual pleasure.” To hell with that! You are changing that for the better!! People like you are enabling us to say we are proud to be women.
I’m going to marry one of you someday.
I’m not saying we always want to take charge in a relationship. If you’ve got the balls not to be pushy/selfish but to be a real leader, you’ll find quite a few ladies appreciate that

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