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Basic Tips For NoFap Rebooting

One major thing I have seen from Newcomers is that they are coming at this challenge overconfident and do not see the real struggles this journey will bring. PMO is a real addiction. One of the hardest addictions to get rid of if you ask me because you always have a dick/vagina. It’s not like trying to quit drinking where maybe you are not always around a beer ever second of your life. You can’t run away from urges, you have to accept them. This journey has struggles, a lot of struggles. It has its ups and downs. Hard times and good times. This challenge isn’t like sprints, it’s like a marathon. You are running this marathon in your mind. However, this marathon is different. It is endless.
Tips and Tricks:
• Take it one day at a time.
• Tell yourself “I DON’T FAP” everyday. Say it with meaning and confidence.
• Meditate!
• Cold Showers! (Don’t pussy out on this one. It will help you in the long run.)
• Don’t let relapses get to you. Don’t binge. If you fell in a race most likely you would get up and keep running the marathon,
• Download K9 Web Protection.
• If you have an porn files; delete them. If you have tapes or magazines; burn them.
• First couple days lurk on NoFap a lot.
• Write journal entries. Publicly or Privately.
•Find an Accountable Partner.
• If I a 15 year old can do it you can to. (;
• Stay away from Alcohol, Pot, Cigarettes, drugs in general.
• Don’t Peak at porn.
• If you start having sexual thoughts, acknowledge them, then redirect them.
• If you feel social media will become a problem on your journey delete them.
• Limit Internet time. Don’t aimlessly browse the web. Do what you have to do and log off.
• Watch TedX videos.
• Go out more. Spend more time with Friends and Family.
• Don’t “Low Fap” quit cold turkey that’s the only way.
• Don’t touch your private spot any other time except to pee and to bathe.
• Workout.
• Eat healthier.
• (If you are religious) pray to your God. Go to Church as much as you can.
• Do hard mode for at least 30 days.
• Learn the NoFap Glossary.
• Get a squeeze ball.
• Read more. Especially, read Your Brain on Porn by Gary Wilson.
• Set a morning and night routine.
• Schedule your days.

NoFap is about creating a better life. It won’t change all aspects in your life unless you are willing to change. It won’t change everything, though. You need to change. You need to make yourself a better person. NoFap will help you start. Stick with it and you will create New Habits. Good Habits. Bad Habits will disappear. I believe in you all. God Bless.
P.S. If anyone wants to add tips feel free. A lot of these aren’t my ideas, but tips I have picked up from other people.
TL;DR: Read it. It’s worth it.
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