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Brain Fog Due To Excessive Masturbation

The only other circumstance I can think of which replicates Brain Fog to any degree is dehydration. REAL dehydration. When your body is literally begging you for water and is shutting down certain mental functions in favor of sending water to your vital organs.

That’s how brain fog feels.

Thinking about complex matters becomes almost impossible. If I try to plan ahead, assess a situation, solve a problem or analyze something my brain stutters, whines and gives up like an old engine on a cold morning. A few seconds is all I can muster before I give up, lie down and load up Netflix.

This leads me to the next problem brought on by Brain Fog; a noticeable drop in motivation.

Suddenly, the path of least resistance and instant gratification becomes the favored route to take. Not only does this allow bad habits such as laziness and gluttony to resurface, it also creates its own vicious circle by allowing one relapse to turn into another, and another, and another…. trapped and debilitated, I knock one out into a tissue and watch another episode of Family Guy or whatever.

Somewhere along the line I grow tired and close my eyes. The Brain Fog descends further and completely covers the real world and my real life. In my head I can be whoever I want to be, have the relationships I want with the girls I want. I can be ripped, physically fit and have no problems all by simply closing my eyes and indulging in day dream fantasy.

It’s these fantasies which cause many fapstraunauts to relapse. We know this and yet we do it anyways. We open our eyes after spending half an hour dreaming about a life so distant from our own that the crash back into reality can be daunting. So we jack off to numb the pain and draw on more soothing brain fog.

Of course, no man can live completely in a fantasy world. We need food, water, money etc… So when Monday rolls around we’ll muster up some form of motivation to face our lives. We go to work, university or school. But we’re half-assing it and we god damn know it. By the time Wednesday rolls around all we can do is look forward to the weekend when we get to spend a couple of days doing nothing or engaging in a “no surprises” social life if we’re lucky.

God damn brain fog. Fucking relapses.

The worst part of it all is that I never feel the brain fog descending, you know? It’s like, I relapse and tell myself that “that was the last time”. And I’m almost proud of myself for getting it out of my system and REALLY getting back on the No Fap track.

And then I trudge forward in life, and a few days roll by, and I’m tired, and I feel alone, and I am alone, so I jack off, and I feel better for a little bit. Dammit.

Back to Day 1. Back to the Brain Fog novacane.

Source : On Brain Fog

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