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Edging Goes Before A Fall

    Hello Fapstronauts! I’ve made a connection (theoretical at least) between edging and relapse.

    It seems that edging precedes relapse a lot — almost always!

    Please don’t take my word for it, read the reddit stories.

    I think there’s a scientific/metabolic reason for it (albeit, from Eastern wisdom).

    The following texts all say, each in its own way, that semen — once moved into ejaculatory(edged) mode — needs to exit, and likely will regardless of your fight/willpower:

    • On Chi Circulation – from THE CHI KUNG BIBLE: MASTERING PERSONAL POWER by Gary J. Clyman “It just doesn’t work. By the time your mind and your energy reach your genitals due to manual stimulation, that’s too late already. Your energy has dropped too low and is already in your genitals.”
    • Source: PRACTICE OF BRAHMACHARYA: “Though the first seven kinds of Maithuna do not cause the actual loss of semen, yet the semen is separated from the blood and it tries to escape when opportunity arises, either in dreams or in other ways.”
    •  “An important fact unknown to most people is that Rethas (semen) gets into the ‘ejaculatory mode’ even through fantasy or sexual contemplation without ejaculation. Each and every time sexual thoughts are let to flower and develop the ‘Ojas’ that the Brahmachari has conserved reverses into Rethas (semen) in the ejaculatory mode and becomes sexual in nature. Once ‘Ojas’ reaches this state, it has to be thrown out. There is no other alternative. Rethas (semen) which is being produced by the body can be converted to ‘Ojas’ through conservation and transmutation but the ‘Ojas’ which is thus produced, if reversed back into Rethas (semen) through sexual fantasy cannot be re-converted to ‘Ojas’. It is a unidirectional process and not bidirectional. Suppose a man spends a few minutes each day fantasizing on the opposite sex and but does not ejaculate or masturbate, a certain percentage of his ‘Ojas’ reverts back to Rethas. But he has not masturbated or ejaculated, so this reconverted Rethas stays as physical semen. After a few more days or weeks of continued sexual fantasy, more and more ‘Ojas’ reverts to the Rethas state, a little at each fantasy. Once this volume of degenerated ‘Ojas’ that has been reverted to the Rethas state reaches a certain volume, the body expels it through a wet dream or even an ejaculation in the wakeful state through some form of physical stimulation.” (Source)
    Are you thinking about not fapping most of the time of day and by doing so you are always constantly trying to get away from bad thoughts. Does that means you will release semen in near future without fapping? Any way to avoid this?


    Does that means I will release semen in near future without fapping?

    Maybe. But please don’t worry about it. You are asking the right questions at the right time. Clearly to me, you can absolutely look forward to some good success. Also please know, that mostly the intent of the post was to warn about edging. If you’re not edging, great! — so much better is your future.

    Any way to avoid this?

    Yes, yes. This is very familiar to me, because I am also human.
    Here is the thing about controlling thoughts. Fighting the wrong thoughts is very difficult and usually a fail. Example — I tell you “Don’t think about an elephant”. Hey! – Nobody was thinking about an elephant until I just brought it up. But now, it’s likely we both are, to include anyone reading this.

    So, you try to block the idea of an elephant, and it just gets worse, you’re thinking about trying to block the idea of an elephant. The effort fails. I think there is a name for this – some have said ‘don’t resist evil’ – I think it is about this principle of negative effort, which gets no success.

    Instead of resisting the idea of elephant, we just replace it with another idea or thought. The waterfall. The sunny day we had in Tahoe. The time we went to Disneyland. Whatever! We chose some thought of anything, and other thoughts fly away in a natural way. This is called the path of no resistance. It has varied names.

    This is why so many preach hobbies, or learning some new language, or working out, etc. We don’t sit about and resist thoughts of porn or fapping. Rather, we get into something that really engages us (for me it is computer programming, for you it is likely something else). And then all other thoughts are pushed out in an astoundingly easy way.

    We get so into this replacement passtime, and then hours, days and weeks have passed … we may look back one day and say, “hey, where did my addiction go?” “Where did my fap thoughts go?” “I lost track of the time…”

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