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Thinking About Giving Up? Here’s How To Maintain Your Streak

    Do something else.

    That’s it. That’s the key to one more day.

    Go for a run. Right now. Is it 11pm at night? Fuck that. Go for a run anyways. Be the crazy neighbor who runs at 11pm.

    Do pushups. Call a friend. Make dinner. Go to the library and read some poetry. Drive somewhere with the windows down. Crank the radio while you’re at it. Call your mom and tell her you love her. Go to the park and stare at the koi pond. Build a crystal radio. Wittle. Go hunting. Hunt for days. Find a buddy who will go to Canada with you just for the beer. Find another friend and help him get a girlfriend. Date her sister.

    Laugh. Laughter is immeasurable. Study ancient Greek. Do pullups from a rafter. Plan a trip to Bali. Execute a new and edgy haircut. Grieve the loss of past failed relationships. Call your cousin and talk about your families. Play hide and seek with your six year old nephew. Tell your neighbor that you like his new lawn ornament. Do it over tequila.
    Do anything. Anything! Anything but fap to porn. And tomorrow when you struggle, the struggle will be less. You will be more. More strong. More accomplished. More determined. More proud. More the man you were meant to be. Do it.

    Source: About to relapse? Here’s how to maintain your streak.

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