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Want Superpowers? Read THIS

“The danger is of coming to love the prison.” – C.S.Lewis

I’ve pretty much obsessed over this line the past few days, they hit me deep in the heart. People have addictions; meth, cocaine, tobacco, alcohol, PMO, mindless facebooking, browsing the internet, casual redditing and what not, all basically have the same underlying cause: an attempt to escape reality (with or without a dopamine fix)

You may choose fapping as a form to forget tomorrows test or you may crack up weed or just waste time liking stupid photos on Reddit. You have created your nest, where you come everyday and get your high, feel home. It might not even be so much pleasure, but you feel relieved. Relieved of the pain you don’t have to feel now that you’re in your nest. You love the nest, it makes you feel comfy. It keeps you sane, you’d go insane if you didn’t have this. When you don’t get the nest for two days, you are fucking sick! This nest is the prison you are in fapstronaut, what you’ve created for yourself. YOU ARE LIVING YOUR LIFE IN A TRANCE, WAKE UP. This is whats stopping you from getting the superpowers, fapstronaut.

Things were not always like this. When you were a kid, you had dreams and unlimited energy. You didn’t feel like not getting off the couch. You were superman. You were never in the hungover state of mental fog, you had clarity and focus. You were superman. You never thought things were impossible, you were not so fearful. You were superman. When you really did study for the test due next week. Things got awry somewhere down the line, maybe it sparked as a solution once when you discovered that fapping before the test relieves you of the stress and tension. You started playing video games to keep yourself distracted from the thought that you were wasting your time, and went further down the spiral. You did that again, and again, and again and soon you had created a nest, your prison, somewhere down the line, you started loving the prison. The prison turned down the volume for you, the volume of pain, stress, anxiety, boredom. Your prison was PMO.

I’m 18 guys, I don’t have much of an addiction as many guys here have, but reading through my journal and understanding what triggers me to waste time, be unproductive; for fapping or any other mindless activity are generally the same. A feeling of wanting to get back to the nest. When I’m stressed, when I want to escape.

I have a very happy life, I have a fucking-awesome-girlfriend who I really love and I have goals for myself, my family and my love. Somewhere down the line, I lost focus. I lost focus when a big goal I’d chosen for myself became too overwhelming to accomplish. I created my nest then. In a remarkable turn of events, I have the same goal again. Life gave me another chance to conquer my fear, although it’s seemingly impossible to accomplish it under the time I’ve been given, this time I won’t stop myself short. I’ll give my best till the last second. I’ll live my life and I’ll get out of the prison.

NoFap is not a magic bullet that will solve all your life’s problems. But getting out of your prison would. You have to stop being a bitch and face stuff, face the problems you have. You have to proactively get out of out comfort zone to leave the prison, you have to be the fucking man in your life and regain control. When you don’t feel like doing the things you should be doing, that is exactly when you should do them. This is your life fapstronaut, don’t let you dick, your brain, or your emotions control your life! Every time you force yourself out of the prison, you wake up a part of yourself. You wake up the superman in you. People who get out of fapping and who also get out of their prisons, get the superpowers. The superpowers are lying dormant in you, waiting for you, waiting for you to wake up and fucking use them, cause they were made for you. Go achieve all those dreams you’ve dreamed for yourself and get the confidence you always wanted. Want to feel alive? Leave the fucking couch and see the superpower being enabled. You were Superman. You could be Superman again. Get the fuck off Reddit and do something with your life that you didn’t originally have time for.

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