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25 Reasons To Do NoFap Challenge


  1. Spend lots of time engaging in other productive activities that will turn you into a much more qualified person.
  2. Quit objectifying women, start seeing them as human beings.
  3. Much higher confidence, trust and pride in self.
  4. Be a free man who wanders at will. No more a desperate slave with no control over self-fate.
  5. Start feeling these intense emotions all the time, instead of being numbed to the beautiful world around you. No more the walking dead.
  6. Much less procrastinating. Get things done on time, resulting in much higher success at work or in school.
  7. No more scared to let other people use your computer, no more fears of being caught.
  8. Burst with new found energy. Run Forrest Run.
  9. Start – possibly for the first time since puberty – to really love yourself for who you are. The self that you always loved but unfortunately kept locked away in a self-built prison in your body, now has the opportunity to break free and come out. Grow that child into a man. You will find peace of mind in him.
  10. Much less depression. You’ll keep finding yourself feeling happy and positive for no apparent reasons, at the same situations where you used to feel worried and distressed before. This is because no matter what, you know you have given your best.
  11. Regain that long lost ability of actually falling truely, madly, deeply in love with someone. Caution! Get ready to shed some tears, because you may end up desperately thinking about that one SO, instead of getting hypnotized stupid by all that fabricated and useless, zombified novelty in porn.
  12. Grow the ability to maintain a healthy long-term relationship where you can actually be trustworthy, dependable and reliable and can deserve to receive the same treatment in return.
  13. THE ED. Inevitably caused by the PMO addiction. Need I say more? NEED I SAY MORE?
  14. After a long enough streak, you will see that people around you will start caring more about you. The reason for this is that, before NoFap, one half of you was completely missing from their sight. That one half was busy wasting himself away in a life of secrecy built on shame. He was not present. That half of you did not exist in the real world. And the other half that did exist in the real world was constantly insecure and double minded in his attitude, never being able to give his best because of the PMO addiction. Now people will start to care more about you because you will be at least twice more present in their lives. And when I say present, I mean PRESENT. INFLUENTIAL. IMPRESSIVE.
  15. Increased overall physical health, because you are keeping your sperm in your body. Read about it.
  16. You can add to that health by actively working out too you know, which you probably will, because NoFap is much harder without hitting the gym anyway. Get. In. Shape!
  17. Master your knowledge on how the plastic structure of your brain impacts your behavior. This new modern insight into neuroplasticity is an eventual and positive side effect of doing NoFap through YBOP and will have its positive impact on every aspect of your life depending on what you do with it.
  18. Be much more creative than before. You are forcing your brain to leave its biggest comfort zone. That means it has to come up with new neuron pathways to survive. Those new pathways mean new ideas. New ideas mean better creativity in whatever you are keeping your brain busy with. Innovate your life.
  19. An immense increase in willpower. One badass lion of willpower. How hard could anything be, compared to quitting PMO? No match ever. No barriers could stand a chance against you.
  20. Attention Magnetism. If you’re doing it right, you will inevitably be radiating all this positive energy wherever you go and everyone – especially ladies – will be noticing you out of nowhere. They will look at you, they will want to talk to you. It’s serious and works like a charm, but when you come to think of it, it’s nothing magical really: Nature runs its course when you run yours.
  21. Piece of cake to initiate dialogues, especially after a certain point. You don’t even have to think about it. Much less self-consciousness.
  22. No more of that creepy feeling of two personalities one of which you always have to hide and makes you feel like you’d almost rather commit suicide than found out. Honest with self, honest with all. You are one and whole and complete.
  23. No, you are never complete and will never be. Always room for development, since you have the time and the energy it takes to improve yourself in any aspect.
  24. Get rid of other bad habits as well. NoFap initiates the good domino effect for your life.
In contrast;
One reason to do PMO:
Numb yourself so that you can maintain a vegetably satisfied life instead of achieving all these real traits, unlike a human but like a zombie, where, in the long run, the lack of all these traits is inevitably going to take its toll on you, quiet terribly I assure you.

Now, is there even a match here? I don’t want that. You know PMO is something VERY idiotic when it has the mystical power to turn off your conscious and make you blindly ignore ALL THESE VERY CRUCIAL REASONS. PMO is THAT stupid, if you know what I mean. So if there was one single medicine that would give me all those benefits above, I’d pay all I ever had to buy that. Apparently there is none, but there is NoFap. I will give all I have to do NoFap and to run from PMO, because I know I have to and there is no other way around my life.

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