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Disastrous Effects Of Fapping

“Once upon a time you used to be a popular guy. In fact so popular, that you could have gone out with any girl from your class. The Girl Next Door probably had your name on her dildo.”

But due to PMO habit, you are now kind of disconnected from all of your circles. Girls do not respond to you the way they used to do. So, you start following them like a pervert in the Facebook. They post their Hot Pics for getting some real “tease” from the Alpha Guys. But you! You comment on those pictures with your right hand like “Nice Background”, “WoW, Amazing place! Where is it?” Although, your left hand is full of lotion. You can now write with both of your hands for the “Hand Push-ups workout.” Most of the days in a week you suffer from the brain fog. Sometimes, it takes more than 10 seconds if somebody asks your dad’s name. Your last “A Grade” in any subject was probably before the Monica Scandal Era. You are physically so tired that you become completely exhausted after walking half a block. You have been dreaming of going to the gym “from the next day” for the last 10 zillion years. You miss most of your schedules for managing Extra time to fuck “2d color dots girls” with your hand. In a nutshell, you would be the first choice of any Hollywood director for the character of “Loser” without giving any audition. It’s like “Cast at first sight.”

Couple of years later, you somehow realized that something was wrong with your PMO habit. So, you decided to open up to some of your close friends about your miserable condition. You told them that you wanted to quit PMO. After hearing your decision they started to laugh at you in such a way as such you had told them that you just “finger banged a tigress”, or “You had edged for 10 hours but nothing came out” or “Angelina Jolie said Hi to your Facebook account.”

If they didn’t laugh out of courtesy, they started to give you serious advices like “Dude, you can live without oxygen but you can’t live without PMO” or “You can get 4000 in your SAT or make a male monkey pregnant if you try a bit harder but you won’t be able to stop shaking your dick no matter how hard you try” or “We are guys. That’s what we DO.”

After hearing those valuable advices you started to believe that it’s possible to forget about the Snake that bit your dick in the childhood but it’s not possible to forget about those Hot Chicks from the Kingdom of Porn.

Source: DISASTROUS effects of “FAPPING”

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