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Fapping will Age You by 30+ Years! (Proof)

This was an eye-opening experience for me when I realized how bad my testosterone levels had been suffering due to fapping.

So back around January I used to be a regular fapper and had also recently started working out. For reasons I could not put a finger on, I did not see an incline in my strength. Instead, I was stagnating on the same weight for about 3 months and could not increase the weight no matter how hard I pushed.

I decided to do something about it and googled natural ways to increase testosterone levels. My searches led me to this Terrestulis Tibulus Pill. Terrestis Tibulus is a natural plant that has been used for centuries to help increase testosterone levels for older men, mainly for older men with erection problems. The reviews said how younger men had also been effectively been seeing results: Increased energy levels, increased boner strengths, and increased strength in the gym. It wasn’t supposed to work for younger men because our bodies should have naturally been able to create that testosterone, but for some reason it did work on some younger people, results may vary.

I ordered the pill and started taking it religiously. I saw nothing for about two weeks, then BAm! I saw the results everywhere. I was not tired all the time like I used to be, I finally saw gains in the gym, and my boners were hard as rocks. What was even weirder was how I stopped working out (because I started smoking pot instead) and yet I continued to see results. I felt embarrassed as hell when my friend complimented me on getting big and congratulated me on putting in the hard work.

Fast forward to October and I was one month into nofap. I had started working out again and was seeing steady gains and results. I thought back to the pill I had taken in January and thought why not? Let me maximize my results. Ordered another batch. And after a month of taking it, I realized that this pill had done nothing for me. I saw no changes at all.

I was perplexed for a while till one day it all connected for me.. Why did a pill that was only supposed to work for older men with erection problems give me (18 years old) massive results? And then why did it suddenly stop working? What was the difference between this time and last time? Fapping. Fapping was the only change.

So yeah fapping will make your testosterone levels decrease till they are on par with 50 year old men that are having trouble keeping their dicks up. It will leave you tired all the time, stagnate gains in the gym, and give you weak boners. Hope this is more motivation to stay on your streak guys! This realization definitely strengthened my resolve on staying fap-free

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