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New Year Resolution And Motivation 2016

    True strength doesn’t begin with a barbell. It starts with the mindset.

    I really believe that doing some of the following can really provide an attitude adjustment to many people. I’ve seen it work on myself and others. Some are related to training, others not so much.

    1. Squats Put a bar on your back and go to work. You don’t need to bury yourself into the ground every workout but make sure you go heavy often enough to feel the anxiety and adrenaline that comes form being crushed by a heavy load. Frequent heavy squatting keeps a man humble and gives the body a surge of “fight or flight” that we need and it’s much more accessible than cliff diving or bar room brawling.

    2. Cold showers I’m not going to let this one go. If this is something you think you can benefit from but can’t muster up the courage to do so first thing in the morning, ponder this: Your own softness may be because you are only comparing yourself to other soft modern men. Because of this you may feel content with your own mediocre “hardness.” After all, you may be more ‘hard-core’ than Justin Beiber. Consider comparing yourself instead to warriors of the past. Hell, we don’t even have to use warriors as an example. How about the pilgrims or early settlers of the Americas? Are you aware of the conditions these people lived in after sailing the Atlantic for 66 days? And you can’t stand under cold water for 60 seconds!? Cold showers every morning will toughen you up real fast and keep you from complaining the rest of your day. They also have numerous health benefits.

    3. Frequent meditations on death

    Meditation is not just for monks and priests. The samurai and other ancient warriors were always taught to keep their last end in mind. I once read about a man who everyday upon waking up, wrote down his born and died dates, like those found on a tombstone. For the date of death, each day he wrote down that day’s date. This profoundly changed the way he went about his day and how he treated others. Keeping your mortality in mind at all times is in no way gloomy or depressing. Only pussies say that. It will actually keep you content and grateful in almost any circumstance

    For a New Years resolution, I invite you to complain less. Be grateful for what you have and make the best of your current circumstance, regardless of what it is. I think it’s pretty awesome that we can hit the iron and do other things we enjoy without having to report back to the gulag.

    If you catch yourself letting out a gripe, as we all will surely do, teach yourself a lesson by doing one of the aforementioned things. Do an extra prowler workout, or freeze your ass off in the shower for a couple of minutes.

    The root of our complaints come form are unwillingness to deal with any discomfort or adversity. Place yourself in challenging situations more frequently and when those challenges come that are out of your control, you will be able to face them more manfully.

    Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

    Wishing you all a year of health, strength, and success,

    Source: A gym I left sent out this email thought you all would enjoy

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