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Okay Newbie Guys, This Is What It Takes: Listen Up, Man Up And Quit Screwin’ Up

Maybe you just discovered noFap or maybe you’re a ‘1Week’ guy who feels stuck in a cycle of never getting past the first week. Jot this stuff down:

It doesn’t take a superpower. If you’re telling yourself that the 90day guys have something you don’t have, you’re lying to yourself. We all have sexual impulses, we all have rather animated dicks and we’re all attracted to the fake, plastic sex-impersonation known as porn. We’re all human.

Stop teasing yourself. There’s no way you can browse porn galleries ‘just to look’. Porn always walks hand-in-gooey-hand with masturbation. If you do one, you’ll do the other. Stop edging too. Countless threads attest to this. “Just a little stroke,” whines your penis. Tell it to clam up. And then do pushups.

While on the topic: yeah, pushups. How much do you exercise? If you mean to stop fapping, get ready for an energy boost. Because you aren’t pathetically squeezing your life juice out of your feeble dick, your body is going to build up healthy levels of energy. That’s a good thing. Now what are you gonna do about it? Channel that energy into the gym, into jogging, or just plan ‘ole pushups. Start up a hobby, learn a craft, go walking, etc. Just get busy. Being a couch potato does not encourage you onward.

Realize that you may be simultaneously facing an internet addiction. I mention this because I experienced it. I would stay up late at night browsing the web … pointless idle time. And take a wild guess what happened when boredom really set in? Porn. If you cut back on your online time, you’re only helping yourself.

Determined guys take drastic measures. There’s no shame in that. How badly do you want to be free of this mad cycle of PMO? What would you give to get out? Some guys insist on taking their iPads to bed to ‘browse the net’ but then – lo and behold – start browsing porn. Yikes, how did that happen? It happened when you gave yourself the delicacy of being so close & alone with an internet connection you can almost envision the porn. If your trip-ups are being caused by a laptop in your room or a tablet in your hand, choose to leave both in another room. Get someone to change the wi-fi password if you must.

Focus on today. Don’t worry about the other days left to complete the 90day milestone. You are always on DAY ONE because you should only focus on ONE DAY per day. Take it in 24 hour bits. Choose today to end the day being PMO free. Tomorrow choose to make the same choices you made today.

It requires a lifestyle change and will – most awesomely – result in a lifestyle change. Turning your back on PMO requires you to make certain changes that others might call ‘dramatic’. Just call them ‘necessary’ and nothing more. Don’t run from it, because the outcome is pretty good: I’ve noticed better self-discipline in other areas of my life as well. Being free from a vicious vice of PMO has affected other areas of my lifestyle: work, school and relationships.

Like everything else in this world, we require consistent maintenance. The impulses and urges don’t disappear. You gotta stay alert no matter if you’re just beginning, in the middle or beyond the end. Stay smart. Don’t get sloppy with your dick.

If you mess up, don’t give up. Pick yourself up, tell yourself out loud how deceivingly disappointing porn is, and move on. After all….see point #1.

The real thing is multipliably times better than the plastic porn thing. To have someone’s arms around you, desiring you, loving you, wanting to give all she is to you, in all her faults accepting all of yours, tenderly & warmly kissing you, cuddling you, touching you with that feminine softness, whispering, laughing, smiling, a shining in her eyes and a shiver in her spine… She looks straight into your face as you honestly realize that you want her beyond a moment’s orgasm. You desire her for more than just a cum session. More than what your dick always asks for. You want her for who she is, for what she is, and the beautiful person you’ve come to adore. There isn’t a porn star in the world who can make you feel this warm contentedness in realizing that you value her as a whole, and not just a hole to stick your dick into. PMO deadens your senses, beginning with those in your brain and ending with those in your dick. In contrast, as John Denver so eloquently put it, real, warm, living lovemaking fills up your senses like a night in a forest, like the mountains in springtime…

We’re in this together guys. Other guys have done it, I’ve done it and you’re next up to bat: you can beat this. Stop using the artificial crutch of porn to feel like a man. Time to be a man.

Let’s do this.

TL;DR: points 1 through 10. 

Okay newbie guys, this is what it takes: listen up, man up and quit screwin’ up

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