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Tao Of Epicness – A No Fapping Advice

    Tao – is a Chinese word meaning ‘way’, ‘path’, ‘route’, or sometimes more loosely, ‘doctrine’ or ‘principle.

    So you have taken up the mantle of NoFap maybe it’s only been 3 days maybe 114. But all of you right now have an urge, that’s the urge to Fap, weather it’s through porn or through “imagination” you have that urge. Do you know why it’s there, because you let it be there? You are why it exists; guess what, you can kill it. So in this issue of the Tao of Epicness, we are going to talk about several things.

    How to fight urges.

    -Working out
    -Locking the computer

    |+|+|+|+ HOW TO FIGHT URGES +|+|+|+|

    WORKING OUT This might see kind of basic or just plain not fun. It’s not supposed to be fun and it is the most basic and I feel effective tool to stop Fapping short of breaking both your hands. When I first decided to quit I was about 291lbs and 6’3. I was only slightly overweight only because I’m built like a linebacker/club bouncer, the point is that I still had some fat on me. Why tell you this, because I don’t want you to think that I was some kind of gym god before this, I was a regular Redditor just like you guys, maybe more or less active then other members.

    My family always had a saying, “If your body has an urge that you don’t like, One that’s hurting you, punish it for those urges, make it regret it, by using that energy against it.” Sometimes it’s shorter than that, sometimes its longer or worded differently, but the message is the same. Use that energy your body saves up to feed its addiction against it. In the first few weeks it was rough, but I got through alright. I think it was on week three or four I started to fantasize about my Ex… I was so furious with myself (see my post as to why I stopped ) that in the middle of work I threw myself on the floor and started doing pushups, not counting, not caring how many I did but every time I came up I said “NO!” or “Never again!” and when I couldn’t do those any more I did crunches, at this point I think I was sobbing a bit. (I work from home just FYI)

    That was how I came to appreciate that gem of wisdom from my parents… And why I am a firm believer in it. You don’t have to have a come to Jesus meeting with your carpet, but when you feel the urge don’t just will it away, fight back! Start Watching
    Start going to the gym, work hard and make your body into steel and it’s not hard for the will to follow. I’m now 225 lbs, and I’m more proud of myself then I’ve been in my entire life. Because I fought back, life and society tried to give me an addiction and I said “No, I’ll see us both dead in a fire before I let anything like porn or masturbation rule my life!”

    WOMEN But Mr.Dovah what do women have to do with not fapping. Well Billy I’m glad you asked. You see the male body while fantastic and complex is still a living organism and as such has the desire to mate… Often. -takes a drag from his pipe- Now how do most people go about exploring those urges, when we are young we Fap, now Billy fapping isn’t wrong at a young age, but as you grow to manhood it should be left behind with other childish things (like wine coolers), and instead should be replaced with something more healthy and nourishing like an adult relationship and “relations” with another connecting adult.

    As cute as the 50’s way of talking is, I do have a serious point on this. My goal was to get away from Fapping because it was causing me to objectify women and stop treating them like people. Yet still I have urges and instead of resorting to PMO I chose to train and then ply my crafting at picking up women. And I used this to safely satisfy my urges. To keep me from becoming too frustrated with not fapping, and I treat every one of them as people, I don’t use any dirty tricks to do it, or treat them like meat. I treat them like people just as you should.


    This is the last resort in my opinion, if you do this in a way that doesn’t allow you to cheat then it’s going to be locked for good. You can install programs like…

    -1 K9 Web protection
    -2 Pc Lockup

    Either do the password randomly and send it to a disposable e-mail address or give it to a friend. I don’t advise this method, but I want to help you brave young nofappers as much as I can, because I see more and more of you echoing my thoughts on subconscious objectifying of women. I can’t I good faith let that happen to more people.

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