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Two Years Of NoFap. Realized Something I Want To Share With You

If you want to do something I would really appreciate, read this post until the very end, please.

First of all, let me ask you a question: What are the most important things in life?
Well, now everybody has a different perspective on this. Some may even say: You cannot answer this question, it’s just too complicated! Some may laugh at me and tell me not to think about it, or else you’ll go insane. Out of all the possible answers, I think after two years of NoFap and at 16 years of age I have finally picked the ones I think are great. I know there are people thinking that 16 is a great and early age to realize the individual truth regarding this difficult and philosophical question, but let me tell you that it’s way too late. I should have realized this earlier.

The most important things in life are Health and Time. And PMO takes away both of them.

I have posted my history far too many times, and promised myself too many times that I will completely stop fapping and watching porn. Now, I have a motivation that is unshakeable and that will get me to my goal, which is a lifetime of no PMO. I think back, and look at the time before NoFap. How many hours, how many days have I wasted consuming a degenerate drug that completely sucks out every drop of life energy in my young body. How many months have I spent thinking about sex, sex and sex only, and how has this ruined my thinking, twisted my mind, crippled my soul? How many women have I seen naked that did nothing for me, with which I didn’t ever have any emotional connection. How many times have I been shy and awkward to really start a meaningful conversation with the girl I liked?

I have been a fool.

Youth and strength is not a thing that lasts forever. Everything can perish, in this very moment, all your dreams can be destroyed, all your hope can be lost, your life can be wiped away by any destructive thing that surrounds you. You will die one day, and with every second that passes, you are getting closer to death, closer to the absolute end of your life on this planet.

You cannot change the past. What has been done cannot be undone. Do not let yourself be consumed by your dark memories, do not soak yourself in hopelessness and grief. You can shape your future. You can say yes or no, you can go in this or that direction, you can follow your dreams…or you may continue being a fool. Right, that sounds awesome, doesn’t it? To waste time on the internet, looking at naked women that don’t care about you and to squeeze every drop of vital force out of your body? For two years, I have failed again and again. Told myself “yeah, I’ll quit, I’ll quit, I’ll quit tomorrow, I’ll quit soon, I’ll quit in a month…”. Beat myself up when I failed again, wasted my time and continued relapsing.

This has to stop now. Right now. The will to live your life is everything.

Cut every single aspect of PMO out of your life, like the time-wasting and obsessive plague it is. After two years of NoFap practice, my final, eternal streak starts.

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