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Benefits Of Cold Showers For NoFap

Wolverine Cold Shower
If you want stronger arms what do you do? You lift weights, you work those muscles to make them stronger. The mental strength that it takes to not fap is much like a muscle, and you need to work it in order to make it stronger. That’s where cold showers come in. The mental strength that it takes to force yourself to stand under that icy water is the exact same type it takes to close your computer and walk away when all you want to do is open up some Porn and fap. Think of it like this. When you are standing in your bathroom naked, contemplating whether or not you should take the cold shower, it is so easy to find ways to rationalize just turning that knob to hot. Your brain will try everything it can to convince you that you should just take a hot shower. But it takes true mental toughness and persistence to power through those tempting thoughts, and stand under the ice.
Because taking a cold shower sucks. Oh my it’s horrible. When I’m getting up early in the morning and have to get to work/school, and I’m groggy and tired, and really comfy in bed, the very last thing I want to do is to take a cold shower. But hey, I do it.

Now look at it like this. Every morning I force myself to do something VERY unpleasant and VERY undesirable. It goes against all my instincts and my brain tries to ration it’s way out of it with excuses. But I know from before that my brain is selfish, and of course it tries to convince me otherwise, therefore I disregard the excuses right away.

By doing so, day after day, my mentality changes. Instead of “shit, an unpleasant situation, better avoid it” I think “Shit, an unpleasant situation, better get over with it. I did a ice cold shower earlier today, so of course I can do 20 situps”. If you force yourself through that enough times you will come to know that every time you go through with the situation, you never regret. Even the showers – after you get out of that cold shower you feel so energetic and powerful, and was always worth the unpleasant shower. Or that jog. Or that project. Or cleaning your room. Or approaching that girl. Or withstanding the urge to fap.

Here are the 8 greatest benefits of cold showers:
1) Cold Showers Make You Strong: Taking a cold shower certainly isn’t comfortable, it’s downright uncomfortable. Forcing yourself to do it day in and day out requires a strength of character that most people don’t have. The good news is that you can develop the character, just get in the cold shower and do it. You will build inner strength but pushing yourself through it.
2) Cold Showers are Healthy: Cold showers get your heart pumping like it does during vigorous exercise. You instinctively flex your muscles under a stream of cold water. The combination of the flexing and increased heart rate sends more blood to your muscles which helps to release toxins in the body. Your immune system benefits from cold showers as well.
3) Cold Showers Will Wake You Up: Cold showers are brisk and invigorating. The cold water stimulation and the increased blood flow and heavy breathing result in you being ready to kick ass and take names. No one in the history of the world had to take a nap after a cold shower.
4) Cold Showers are Mood Enhancing: Cold showers help the brain release chemicals help your mood, decrease stress and anxiety and increase energy and the increased blood flow helps your sense of calm. You just plain feel good after a cold shower.
5) Cold Showers Make you More Manly: Everyone remembers being a teenager and hearing that sitting in a hot-tub kills sperm. Cold showers do the opposite. Yes, cold showers can increase sperm count which would lead one to believe it increases testosterone. Try not to kill someone with that loaded gun.
6) Cold Showers Help your Skin and Hair: Cold showers hydrate the hair and skin better leading to healthier hair and skin.
7) Cold Showers Help you Recover from Vigorous Exercise:Athletes often sit in ice baths to help speed up their recovery. You can do ice bath lite and take cold showers.
8 ) Cold Showers Help you save Money: You aren’t using any hot water so you save money that way. When you take cold showers you don’t ever just want to stay in the shower for a long time and relax. You shower for 5 minutes max and get out, ready to take on the world.

I’ve taken them for about a week now, but I’m never going back.

Cold Showers make me feel exhilarated, like a lion ready to take on the day!

So get on it. Ease your way into it. Start your showers warm, then do a minute half way to coldest, then a minute at the coldest. If that’s too rough for you for now don’t be to harsh on yourself. start easier, but make sure that every week you push your self further. Because that is the essential part of it all. Pushing yourself. 

I can promise you; follow through properly with cold showers, and you will start to love to push yourself, and by that time you are in control of your future and your NoFap challenge.

Also A Fun Fact from Hugh Jackman about Cold Showers

Jackman said this during an interview about how he gets into character for the Wolverine. This really stuck with me and it inspires me immensely to force myself under that water. 

“I use tricks for myself, little tools. I’ve done a little thing on every Wolverine movie, which is almost a superstition now. I have an ice-cold shower every morning. It started when we were making the first X-Men in Toronto. I had to wake up at 5am for filming and it was cold. I wanted to get a shower but there was no hot water. So I just jumped in and I couldn’t make any noise because I didn’t want to wake up my wife. 
But I remember I just wanted to scream some swear words yet I just didn’t. I stayed in the cold water washing for 35 seconds and I said to myself, “That’s it. That’s Wolverine. He wants to yell and scream and take everybody’s head off and be angry but he can’t. He’s trying to hold it in.

“Ever since that moment I have had a cold shower every morning. If you imagine waking up and having an ice-cold shower, all you have to do is remember it and instantly you just want to smack someone.” 


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