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Don’t Fear The Void

You know that feeling. You’ve just jerked off, leaned back and suddenly a voice kicked in. “Look at yourself, you’re so miserable. Your whole life is miserable”. Truth be told, jerking off is not obligatory to hear it. Maybe you took a ride to work and that voice kicked in again. Maybe it caught you early in the morning when you woke up. It doesn’t matter.

This is the void talking to you. A heartless inner voice pointing at every thing wrong with your life.

We fear the void. It takes a minute of boredom and the void returns. We run from it. We dive into depths of Reddit to entertain ourselves and shut that voice. We put headphones on and turn the music louder than that voice. We check our smartphones seconds before the void appears right in front of us.

But here’s a thing. You can’t outrun the void. It will always follow you. It’s like an urge to masturbate. Ever tried to fight the urges? They come back sooner or later. But funny thing is, urges don’t kill you. So you can peacefully live with them. “Oh, I’ve got an urge. How nice. What should I do? Nothing.”

So what you should do is apply this method to the void. Don’t fear it, don’t run from it and don’t try to overcome it. Just relax and let it appear in front of you. Let the inner voice speak. Talk to it. “Yes, I know, my life is not cool. That’s not news to me. I’m trying to get it right. Hey, Ms. Void, do you have something important to tell? No? Oh, you’re so silly.”

And suddenly you’ll see that the void is not your enemy. It’s not your friend neither. It’s just a little inner voice that points at things you could improve. And that it not something you should fear or run away from. Well, at least don’t run away from it to porn and pointless web surfing. Remember, it’s always better to listen to your inner voice (even if it’s a bit depressing) than to fap your life away. Don’t fear the void. 

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