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Higher Chances Of Success If Cut Internet Usage

    The internet is an endless source of novelty. Novelty releases dopamine in the brain (just like porn). The brain circuits we stimulate are also used to give enjoyment from daily activities. Super stimulation leads to desensitization and then every day stimuli such as people, places, food cannot compete. Slowly, life becomes uninteresting and we either try more extreme activities or just go back online.

    I realized this the hard way. I had been on NoFap for over two years, with some decent streaks going. Yet I was dragging my feet for months on some projects, I was always bored by anything real and for the life of me I couldn’t put any weight because food just had no taste.

    One blessed day, a few months ago, I stumbled upon a reddit post where somebody was complaining that internet browsing makes them have no interest in the real world. A big face palm followed. How did I not put two and two together especially as a noFapper? I went and watched Gary’s videos and stopped internet browsing cold turkey. I went on vacation for a few weeks with little internet access so that made things easier. The difference was very noticeable, I could connect with people, I could enjoy simple things and, after I came back, my roommates started remarking how I cook new recipes all the time. I do, because food finally tastes good!

    So, every time you go to reddit or google, realize that you’re hitting your brain with powerful stimulation which can significantly impact your experience of daily life. Best of luck to you all!

    On the one hand I understand the novelty problem, on the other I’m just not sure what to do with all that free time.
    I don’t have that much money so I could only read, listen to music, play music, draw, learn a language, workout, write, play sports, run, hike, lift, climb… The problem isn’t a lack of options, it’s a lack of vision caused by easy access to novelty. I KNOW there’s a ton of things I would love doing, but getting out there and doing has this seemingly huge threshold compared to just plopping down on the couch, swing open the laptop lid, and see what’s on reddit today. Again.

    I don’t think excessive internet browsing is any different than excessively sitting on the couch doing nothing (and experiencing zero novelty). The point is that you’re doing nothing productive towards achieving your life’s goals, which is naturally going to depress you and desensitize you to life’s pleasures. The issue of excessive internet usage rise from time to time on this sub however people rationalize their motive to keep on surfing “I only use internet for self improvement” Thats not totally correct..sit quietly for an hour and think what are you experiencing more pros or cons of internet.

    I think that the level of dopamine that the novelty of internet browsing releases is orders of magnitude lower than the novelty of internet porn.

    I think for succeeding at NoFap and recovering from our addictions and to do something productive in our life. Think of it like you are in a prison and you have access to books, you can socialize, workout but no access to any computer, tv or fancy celeb magazines. Become a bad ass jacked prisoner who is reformed to behave as a fully functional member of society. We should abstain or at least limit.

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