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90Days Report Hard Mode NoFap

Today is day 90 of hard mode and it is hard to believe I made it this far. I started nofap on November 7th after trying literally everything else to fix my head and get me back to who I used to be. Ever since sophomore year of high school (I’m 20 now) I have been lost. Before that year I was confident, focused, goal oriented, and everything I wanted to be. I slowly began falling apart throughout high school and my first year of college football camp I crashed and burned. I ended up dropping out.

Before starting nofap I thought it was kind of silly but I tried literally everything else to fix my anxiety, depression, and overall lack of drive. I meditated, worked out daily, saw the school therapist, tried medication, nothing worked. After a week of nofap I could tell things were changing in my head, I was having crazy vivid dreams and I was thinking clearer already. I made my mind up right there and decided I’m doing this shit.

Now to the benefits of Nofap. After 90 days I am feeling like myself again. Before nofap I worked out daily and was in pretty good shape, but after 90 days I have lost 10 pounds and gained a lot of strength. I lost the want to eat food that’s bad for you, I mainly eat healthy food now. My meditation sessions now take me to a difference level of consciences. No more stupid TV. My acne is 100 percent gone, my hair looks great.My confidence is back. I have this drive inside me that will not go away; telling me I can and will accomplish anything I want to accomplish. I don’t give a fuuuuuck what anybody else thinks or expects from me anymore, I will do what is going to make me happy; if you don’t like it that’s too bad. That mindset is so unique to me because my whole life all I wanted to do was impress other people and win the love of others, and now all I want is internal happiness. I am just a different person than I was November 7th. ( I am going back to school to get a psychology degree and get back on the football field.)

To anybody just starting nofap– If you make the decision right now that you will not fail in this challenge you will not fail. You might slip up a couple time but you will not fail. I relapsed 3 times but I knew I would eventually make it to 90 days.

Also 90 days is only the beginning for me, I cant see myself ever going back to masturbation, its just not worth it. I know there is a lot of people that think porn is the only problem, but although I believe porn is the main problem, I also believe abstaining from masturbation gives benefits in its self.

P.S Thank you guys for posting on this site and being apart of the nofap movement. I would never of known about Nofap if it wasn’t for you guys, and I would still be that pathetic person I was months ago.

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