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90 Days: Benefits, How I Did It And How You Can Do It Too

Wow. Where do I start?
As a general experience, it has been a long and treacherous ninety days and needless to say I’m quite proud of it. Around day 60, I lost some of my superpowers and started to feel depressed. But my positive side kept saying: DUDE! You have prayed your heart out to beat this for a year, and God has blessed you with a willpower like none other to do so. Do not complain about the new found problems you must face. You have beaten back (not overcome) the most addictive thing on earth. That in itself is manhood ultimate.
And that’s the thing . NoFap is NOT a panacea. It will not solve all of your problems. Sure, you might get girls the first couple of days, but your manhood levels will regulate and it will wear off. And if you’re doing it for girls then you will fail, not only because that’s not the point of this, but because the world has more to offer than girls. PLEASE. DO YOUR THING AND THE LADIES WILL COME. Don’t go chasing them.
Quitting will only lift the fog and open the door: YOU have to walk through it and take action in order to EXPERIENCE what the real world actually is.
After you quit porn, there’s likely other problems you have to take care of. Video games…smoking…computer obsession…take care of them and you will be happier.
The experience itself of not jacking off to a computer every day, avoiding it entirely — the way you feel…I feel like a child again. I am beginning to experience emotions I have not felt in a long long time. Absolutely anything is happy to me. Just walking outside and feeling the crisp fall air…it brings back memories (how stupid is that?!?!), and I don’t feel like a stale, numb zombie anymore. I don’t need to jack off or smoke or video game in order to FEEL and EXPERIENCE. The world is plenty worthy and beautiful on its own.
Although people say girls notice me, It didn’t really happen. I guess I got looks and stuff until about 30 days and then they disappeared. That is not the point of this though.
My acne disappeared. Entirely.
My focus is through the roof.
I’m more sociable.
(P.S.) Try taking zinc. It helped with my depressive moods and my confidence.
I’m actually extremely surprised I got to 90. ADHD, alcoholism, smoking, and just addiction in general run in my family so I guess getting there took some extreme measures. I’ll get to the point. Here’s what I did after my last relapse:
  • Put parental controls on my tablet
  • Deleted all games on tablet
  • Installed K9 on each computer in the home and my parents had the password
  • Changed passwords on everything in home
  • Gave my tablet to my parents
  • and avoided computers elsewhere as much as possible.
Go in 100%. My philosophy was to stay away from the trigger of the trigger of the trigger of the trigger of porn. So computers, phones, tablets, BEING INSIDE, TV, laziness, you name it I stayed the heck AWAY from it. And I guess my brain realized that I don’t need those things to feel happy anymore, and after a long while it got focused on other things instead of porn.
GO ALL IN OR YOU WON’T WIN. If you’re like me when you’re head is getting the craves it will do anything to get close to porn. Not necessarily straight to it, but AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE. And that is how the devil works: he is not a warrior that beats you down in one mighty blow: He is a deceptive sly snake, and he drops little tiny bread crumbs until he’s finally ensnared you again. It starts like this:
  • “I don’t want to exercise, I want to be lazy”
  • “Oh, i’ll just browse the computer today instead of being productive”
  • ” I’ll just take a peek”
  • “One little stroke won’t hurt, right?”
  • “Eh, I’ve gotten a good streak, I’ll commit next time”
  • “F***!”
See? you already lost when you decided NOT to exercise. Kill the urges from the sources, keep yourself busy, and you WILL win. I promise. The setup to watch started long ago.
Quitting porn will be the hardest and BEST thing that you will ever do in your entire lifetime. And that’s the thing about life: usually the hardest things have the greatest output. You will feel again and fly. Everything is absolutely amazing.
IT IS SO WORTH IT! Go 100% and you will not regret it. I promise.

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