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Is NoFap Honestly Changing Your Life?

Q: I see all of these posts about how suddenly guys are improving in everything: social life, sex life, being a better person in general. But honestly, could this just be a placebo effect? I also see many posts on reddit satirizing this movement in general, saying that you’re all fanatics and what not. I guess what I’m wondering is if nofap is a serious benefit, even to someone who isn’t addicted to jerking off, or if these benefits are only for those who have crippled themselves by masturbating 3 times a day.

A: Think about it like this. Many guys are jerking off to women that they will never meet in their entire life. They are jerking off to women that they probably could not attract in real life. They sort through hundreds of videos, and find the woman that they find to be extremely attractive. In their eyes, these women are 10’s.

Now, what would they do 200 years ago? Take away the porn, and now they are jerking off to the limited scope of their imagination. They don’t have nearly the selection that they did with porn. This gets old very quickly. There are very few men, if any, who are addicted to masturbation and do not use porn.

Now these men have to go out and attract a real woman. They have to be someone of value. They have to develop their character, get in shape, contribute something to the world, etc. They come to the realization that with no more masturbation, they need to do something with their life to actually find someone who will love them. Women want a leader. So what do these men do? They start hitting the gym and begin to care about their appearance. They start socializing to demonstrate their higher value. They start pursuing their goals and passions. They look in the mirror everyday and they start to like the person they are looking at. People will only love you to the extent that you love yourself.

So now, all these men who have stopped masturbating are becoming more confident and don’t feel ashamed about what they are doing being closed doors. These men are proud of who they are becoming. And this energy resonates, and people start to feel the same way about you that you feel about you. It’s almost a feeling of enlightenment because you now have the opportunity to completely change your life and discover who you truly are. You no long allow yourself to live in this fantasy world. And people gravitate towards this excitement about life. Before you were just a loser, going through the motions. Why? Because your only purpose on earth, to spread your seed, has already been taken care of! You spread your seed everyday of the week to the hottest girls! Your body thinks you have completed your responsibility on this earth. Take that away and watch what happens. That strong, powerful desire to spread your seed to these hot girls becomes transmuted into everything you do.

If guys are dismissing the NoFap movement, then they simply haven’t suffered enough. There are guys here that haven’t had a girlfriend, including me. There are guys that are chronically fatigued and are becoming ill. Their excessive masturbation is literally destroying them. They don’t even masturbate when they are horny. They just do it out of habit or boredom. I’m not going to waste my time trying to argue with guys that think NoFap is stupid. Because I know they’ll probably end up here anyway when they are ready. I’ve known about NoFap for years, but I just wasn’t ready for it. My life was shitty, but not shitty enough.

I’m 32 days in, and my sense of resilience is changing. I feel like a better man. I am starting to want to be around people again. I want to accomplish goals. Something is fundamentally shifting in the way I view the world. Don’t get me wrong, I still think about women a lot. But that’s the way we are programmed. I don’t think that will ever change. But instead, I want to be part of society and contribute something. I want to hit the gym. I want to be with friends and have a good time. I want to get a good job. Why? Probably because that will help me attract a woman. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.

They can dismiss all this as a placebo effect, but they are just rationalizing their bad habit. They are ignoring all the benefits. No one is popping a sugar pill and suddenly noticing all these changes in their life. We are breaking a habit that has been part of our lives for many years. The habit that keeps us complacent. It’s the equivalent of a drug addiction. Why does society acknowledge sex addiction but not masturbation addiction? Idk. And anyone can go into google and find evidence supporting the benefits of masturbation. But there are real stories around here. And lives are changing. You can’t deny that.

And NoFap can benefit everyone, it doesn’t matter how often you do it. You just need to decide that it will not be part of your life. You’re really not going to miss much. No one sits on their death bed and says, “damn, I wish I spent more time jerking off.” 

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