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Reasons To Do NoFap Challenge

  • The human companionship is better than a bottle of Vaseline and high speed internet connection.
  • Because self control is a bigger turn on than porn.  
  • Because I want to spend my free time on wonderful, lasting things, like reading a novel or learning some new dance moves, and fapping is nothing but dead weight.
  • Because women are people to be loved, not objects to get off on.
  • Because I couldn’t stop seeing women as sex objects when I was fapping.
  • Because women are so much more interesting — and somehow so much sexier — when I’m not fapping.
  • Because the world is so much more interesting when I’m not fapping… and I am so much more ready to engage it.
  • Because the world of the fapper is small, turned inward, and always shrinking.
  • It’s a sick feeling to be finished, looking at the shit on your screen, and wondering “why the hell did I just do that? This isn’t me. I’m better than this”.
    • Life force: you lose all of your life force energy, leaving you capable only of sleeping, eating and watching TV.
    • Recovery time: it takes at least a week to recover from after you fap. The time you spend recovering is largely wasted as well as I turn into a complete loser for that week with no motivation or drive to do anything, making my life shit.
    • Temper: I have a shorter temper after I fap. This is caused by frustration at what I have done and losing my life energy (impaired judgement).
    • Getting others caught in the trap: when I watch porn, I am supporting the misguided porn websites, getting them more traffic, advertisers, money and getting others caught in the PMO porn trap. Porn must be boycotted.
    • Risk of getting caught: every time I fap, I risk getting caught by someone. It only takes one time getting caught to scare a relationship or somebody.
    • Just like smoking: it’s not worth it.
    • The key: quitting PMO is the hardest thing I will ever do; everything else seems easily possible after doing this, no other challenge stands a chance whether it is getting out of bed in the morning or studying Medicine. No fap is the most important thing I will ever do for your self-improvement; more important than healthy eating, more important than getting up on time, more important than regular exercise, more important than college, more important than getting a girlfriend, more important than never oversleeping. No Fap trumps them all, easily.
    • Regardless of all the superpower claims, all the soft science argument – NoFap will change your life.
    • You will learn self control – you will learn to bear discomfort – you will learn that you can’t always have what you want – you will learn discipline.

Source: Collection from different comments on reddit nofap

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