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A Consistent, Fail-Proof Method Of Not Relapsing, Are You Ready? (This is not a Joke)

    Make your life Awesome. Like really, make your life so fulfilling and enjoyable that the mere consideration of fapping NEVER even crosses your mind!

    Check it out: why do we fap? We’re dissatisfied with whatever life-situation we find ourselves in. Whether we had a bad day, we don’t like what life is turning into, or we’re not achieving our goals…whatever it is, we feel negatively about our existence, so we go to seek a guaranteed, easy way to feel good. So we stroke our junk and subconsciously communicate “See? life ain’t that bad after all, cuz right now, orgasming, I feel on top of the woooorld!!.” (little do you know, you’re instantly creating an addiction by saying that. It becomes your go-to method of feeling good).

    With that said, it makes sense that the inverse is also true: if you have no reason or need to seek out a temporary bursts of pleasure, then you won’t do it. I’m just not gonna do it cuz my life is perfect just the way it is. Everyday I’m being challenged. Everyday I’m proving to myself that I can win if I try and the feeling of beating my previous personal records is what I live for. It’s fcking Awesome. And when you’re in the “zone”, there’s just no room or time to be fapping. Its purpose of temporarily relieving me and numbing the pain of life is nulled. Like, I’m not trying to run away from life anymore, I don’t neeeed to fap.

    So ask yourself: “Why do I fap?” Once you figure out the core reason for why you do it, you should also simultaneously discover the solution to it. You really gotta dig deep though. And once you understand what you must do, you gotta commit yourself to doing it because it ultimately is YOUR LIFE we’re talking about here. You’re worth it man. Shit won’t be easy, but it’s guaranteed to stop you from hating life and rushing to your computer to jerk off just so you forget about life’s struggles for a bit. 

    I can basically sum up all my faps in one phrase: “I am bored/idle and life sucks, therefore I want to fap. But if I’m not idle or if I’m killing it at life, does the need to fap even touch me? fuck no”

    Thanks for reading. You hopefully know what to do now.

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