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If You Want Clarity, DON’T Masturbate

My 90 days are over!? I love how I feel and I love the clarity that I have with my life. I started NoFap due to my concerns about my low sex drive and feeling like God wanted me to do it. And now, here I am! I feel like I’m 15 again (I’m 24) and feel like God is pleased with my change. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are a few tips and encouragements based on my struggle with PMO.

  1. Take a major milestone (like graduating or a new move or anything really) and make it memorable by cutting out porn (and MO if you’re stronger than I was). 2 years ago I stopped looking at porn but just this year I’ve finally gone 90 days Fap free. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it right away. Each day is a new day to becoming a better you.
  2. If you want some clarity for direction, do NoFap for 90 days. The big reddit joke is to masturbate before making a big decision. I say DON’T masturbate for 90 days and then tell me again about that clarity. I’ve been unsure about my future career. Now, I feel confident in my choice and have even picked up 2 extra medical related jobs to help me as a medical school applicant!
  3. Just get past the first 30 days and the next 60 won’t be as bad.
  4. Try new things with your new confidence! I was able to sing AND play piano in front of a small crowd during my 90 days. Normally, I’d be so nervous and thus my voice would feel strained. NoFap gave me more confidence, which is huge when you’re singing in front of others.
  5. Live each day so that at the end of the year (and life), you can count off the things you DID that made something memorable. The more activities and trips you can do, the more memorable your life will be. At the end of the year, you’ll be able to easily say I did “….” in 2015. So far, I can say, “I did Nofap for 90 days, lost 13 pounds, went back to school (1 class), picked up 2 jobs, and restarted playing the piano.” How satisfying to be able so say that, and it’s only May.
Anyways, thanks for reading. I hope I can encourage you guys in your battle. Today is the only day that you really have any control over. Be in control!!

Source: My 90 day report. If you want clarity, DON’T masturbate.

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