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Masturbation As A Form Of Procrastination – Procrasturbation

Why do we fap? Why do we lack the will power to avoid fapping, or watching porn?

I believe it’s similar to lacking the will power to focus on what you need to do. In other words, it’s a form of distraction and therefore, laziness. And, I think laziness is a form of fear.

We are afraid to do the work that must be done: whatever that may be. It may be the work required to socialize, ask that girl out, work out, do homework, pursue our dreams, hone our hobbies, attend to our loved ones, etc… The fear may be due to fear of failure or rejection, or simply fear of the effort that must be put forth.

Fapping is just a manifestation of that fear and is a kind of avoidance. The real battle is becoming the kind of person who does what he is afraid to do, rather than avoids it, day in and day out, until he chisels for himself an identity that he wants. You don’t deserve the fruits of popularity, money, a good body, a good girlfriend, a loving family, unless you put forth the effort required to get those things. Simply not fapping is not enough. Expecting to magically get those things when you stop fapping for a weak is missing the point.

I’ve found that when I don’t fap, I still struggle to put forth the effort to achieve my goals, and so I keep getting distracted, and then thinking about fapping. I know I won’t fap, but now my challenge is to become the kind of person who can avoid distraction, and do what I must do. When you stop fapping you create a void in yourself. But YOU have to fill that void with the things you want–it won’t happen automatically. Dont fear the void.

You might think that there’s no way you’re “afraid” of pursuing your goal. You’re just lazy. But laziness is fear. If you’re not afraid, then do it.

I have noticed in my own experience that when I fap nothing moves in my life. For the last longest streak of 2 months I felt like I lived two years in the progress I had made, but then I binged for 2 weeks, and I absolutely didn’t make any progress anywhere.

My theory is this, at least for me. Your inner self knows it has some  purpose and somewhere down you know you have important things to do. That “energy” is trying to propel you toward your purpose and your tasks, but you just cant get yourself to get up and do it. But that energy is still there persistently knocking.. so what do we do? We find another outlet, we spurt it away. Only so we can feel better for a few minutes before that nagging feeling comes back at us again.

So lets stop spurting away and start flowing with the flow of life and achieve all of our greatest purpose and infinite potential we all possess!

Fapping as a form of procrastination

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