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NoFap Opens Your Mind To A Whole New World – Experience Of A NoFapper

I want to start out by saying that all the benefits that people post here have been true in my case. I used to be a SERIOUS fapper until 24 (I’m talking upwards of 10-15x a day, thanks high speed internet and living alone in an apartment). Remaining abstinent from porn and fapping leads to positive effects that people usually list, including increased willpower, better skin, better pheromone smell, magnetic personality…just RAW sexual power effusing from your pores that gives you an ALPHA aura. I’m a big believer in perception of the subconscious, and I truly do believe that when you stop watching porn, your brain, body and soul adapt to the lack of the virtual harem and increase your magnetism. You will hear a sexier timbre in your voice, you will have better posture, your willpower will increase, and you just become COOLER. It’s hard to explain unless you experience it. If you were an excessive fapper like me (I would go on crazy binges, at least 10-15x a day…. what do you want from me, I lived in an apartment by myself), then the more upside there will be to this NoFAP endeavor.

All in all, I don’t want to sound like I’m in an existential crisis or come off as a crazy street preacher. I am giving fair warning. The journey will break you. It will make you evolve out of your fapping shell and expose you to another reality, whether you are ready or not. You will have to learn how to navigate in a more complex environment because you have opened your mind up to a whole new dimension of life that porn so conveniently disabled for so long. It’s really akin to waking up from the matrix. And like Neo, you will grow and become strong but you will have to shoulder new burdens and responsibilities that come with your superpowers. I bet sometimes he wished he took the other pill, cause we all know his life wasn’t perfect, even if he was a god in the Matrix… but if he did take the other pill, there wouldn’t have been such good movies right? ;). 
Not going to lie to you, sometimes I wish I was back in the porn matrix when the going gets tough. Life is simpler when you’re a caterpillar. You don’t have flight capability. You can just chill on a leaf and be good. But if you choose to morph into the butterfly, you will fly and go places you never could as a caterpillar. On the flip side, life will hit you harder. There are more dangers when you fly and explore then when you just stay in your room and fap away. With the highest of highs can come the lowest of lows on this incredible journey. But then again, progress is NEVER up and up and up. There will be dips and valleys that will test your mettle and strengthen you in ways you never thought. You will become the superhero of your own movie of life, and superheroes never have easy problems. That’s why they’re superheroes! 
I’ve had to deal with many, many issues throughout this journey to achieve my dreams and accomplish my goals. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love you all. Be good to others. Let your dreams become a reality and navigate accordingly. If all hell breaks loose around you, be thankful, because you are getting prepped for the next step in your evolution.

2 thoughts on “NoFap Opens Your Mind To A Whole New World – Experience Of A NoFapper”

  1. I discovered true benefit of no fap during pregnancy of my spouse. I was not having any sex and due to lot of work at office and home, I didn't got any time for cheap pleasure or fapping. In just three months of preserving seed energy, my grey hair began to turn black, my posture improved and my will to get things done saw a vertical improvement. I stopped whining and started taking responsibility of my words and actions.

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