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Short Guide To Quit PMO

This guide is short summary or basics to quit porn and masturbation addiction. Take a quick look for brief idea about how to quit PMO? for more details read other posts on the sidebar
1. Stop watching porn
  • Keep your computer in public – Use your computer in that room, where other family members or friends can see you.
  • Keep your mobile phone clean – I know you have multimedia smart phone but you should use this tech device for your benefit and make your life better. So remove all your fantasy porn videos from your phone.
  • Use anti porn software – Use Filters like K9, Open DNS, Cold Turkey. Make the challenge as easy as you can make it. Why go through unnecessary hardship when you can just make it easier on yourself?These software are password protected, so input any random password during installation of these software and do not remember that password. So when ever you will try to open a porn website these software stops you and you can’t uninstall or bypass the software if you don’t know the password.
  • Delete your porn stash on your pc and throw away all the porn movies dvds and cds.
  • Do not watch those movies which have lots of sexual scenes. Keep yourself away from sexual books and adult video games.

2. Keep yourself busy in some productive and useful work. People masturbate to escape from BLAST (Boredom, Loneliness, Anger, Stress, Tired) or HALT (Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired)
Go for a walk, do push ups, read a book, listen music, find a new hobby, water the plants

3. Maintain your time table

  • Wake up early in morning. Between 4 AM to 6 AM is best time to wake up. Leave your bed between 4 AM to 6 AM. Wake up early also helpful for those people who has wet dreams problems because nightfall mostly happens late in morning. Get out of your bed as soon as you wake up, don’t lie there thinking 5 more minutes.
  • Sleep early at night. You should sleep before 11 PM. Most of people masturbate 90% in night. Reason behind this – They are free in night and nobody is watching them. That’s why they masturbate in night. So sleep between 10 PM to 11 PM. Take 7 to 8 hour sleep.
  • Do not sleep in day time. If you sleep in day time then it will hard for you to sleep at right time in night.
4. Do physical Exercise – We all have two choices suffer from the pain of discipline or suffer from the pain of regret. So if you want to become a obese, fatty and unhealthy person then sit all day on couch, watch TV, drink soda and die early. Or you can change this, if you want to live healthy lifestyle, keep yourself fit and do physical exercise daily.
  • Hit the gym, walk up early and run on road with rising sun. This will help you to build your confidence and increase your will power to quit masturbation.
  • When you feel the need to masturbate, take a brisk walk or jog. Always try to occupy yourself when the urge arises.
  • Exercise more and get out of the house. This is a great way to take your mind off everything.
  • Do exercise daily in the evening; this will make you tired at night. And since masturbation is often done at night, so when you are exhausted, you will give preference to sleep not to masturbation.
5. Make a plan for avoiding masturbation. If you have problems before going to bed or in the shower, refrain from any temptation to masturbate. For instance, if it’s a problem late at night, drop to the floor and do push-ups until you’re too exhausted to do anything but fall asleep. If you find shower time too tempting, start using ice cold water only — you won’t want to be in there for long.
  • If you always masturbate when you get home from school, make sure to have a solid plan to stave off any boredom you may feel. If you have so little to do that your mind frequently wanders to sexual thoughts, occupy your schedule. You’ll find it gets easier to avoid masturbation if you’re too busy or tired to spare any energy for distractions.
  • If you’re tempted to masturbate in the morning, try to sleep with more than just one layer of clothing so touching yourself is more of an effort.

6. Eat healthy and increase your protein intake. If you do exercise daily then healthy food will help you to build your muscles. Eat lot of fruits, whole grains, vegetables, drink milk. And also drink plenty of water.

7. Take it one day at a time (and sometimes just one hour or one minute at a time, when you’re especially tempted). I think committing for life is a must. But visualizing that whole lifespan, especially in a moment of temptation, will likely lead to despair and to relapse. Focus on victory in the present moment.

8. Make a habit of doing Meditation daily 5-10 minutes in the morning when you wake up or at when you are going to sleep. Meditation teaches you mental control focus, and builds a present-oriented mindset. Physically, meditation also decreases stress and anxiety.

9. Have Cold Showers: Cold Showers provide several health benefits, like closing pores and reducing oily, pimple filled skin, increasing natural levels of serotonin, increasing levels of testosterone, increasing immune system strength, increasing blood circulation, and increasing metabolic rate. Cold showers also carry a philosophy similar to exercise. If you can’t perform when your comfort is the only thing on the line, how are you going to perform when something much bigger than comfort is on the line?

10. Don’t Edge or Indulge in Sexual Fantasy.
11. Find your next big goal you want to achieve in life and work towards it. It can be getting a good job, become a teacher, musician, sports player.. anything but you must have a life goal. NoFap is just a tool its not the solution of all your problems.
12. Do it now – Some people say that, they can’t quit masturbation habit in one day and they are quitting this habit slowly, day by day. THIS IS BULLSHIT. If you want to quit porn and masturbation, then QUIT IT NOW. JUST QUIT IT.