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What Is NoFap?

“Fap” is a bit of Internet vernacular slang for the act of self-love masturbation. Every day, a group of men and women around the world digitally congregate at a Reddit board called NoFap to specifically discuss not masturbating. NoFap is a challenge in which participants abstain from pornography or masturbation for a period of time on Official NoFap on Reddit.

There are currently more than 1,90,000 members of this community. They call themselves “fapstronauts,” and attribute a number of major life changes to the practice, such as increased confidence, concentration, motivation, libido etc (See Full Benefits here). For some it’s a means of addressing concerns with their porn consumption, while others see it as a means to healthy relationships.


The benefits listed here are based on the anecdotal reports of NoFap community members. They range from zero to life-changing. Individual results will vary; they are absolutely not guaranteed.

Abstaining from PMO (Porn, Masturbation, Orgasm) has often resulted in…

  • Recovery from porn-induced sexual dysfunction. Many fapstronauts report that NoFap’s programs have cured erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation, along with other sexual issues.
  • Increased Self-Control. Some fapstronauts do not feel like they have a pornography or masturbation problem. They are here to put their willpower to the test by facing their own instincts to pursue easy sexual arousal or indulge in certain sexual behaviors.
  • More hard-drive space. Some of the larger porn collections we’ve heard about can take up terabytes of information. No more hoarding. Permanently deleting it will free up a lot of hard drive space. As an added bonus, you won’t be hesitant to let people borrow your computer anymore.
  • More Time. No more spending hours at the computer looking for that one video to get you off. That time can be better spent pursuing your passions, bettering your life, and spending time with friends or a significant other. The possibilities are endless.
  • Improved Attitude. Many nofappers described increased happiness throughout their lives, especially in their attitudes towards sex and interpersonal relationships.

The preceding was only a brief overview and we recommend that you read full post here.

Rules of NoFap’s Challenges
Every NoFap challenge is unique. Why are you here? What are your goals?

  • No Masturbating: The majority of fapstronauts choose to abstain from masturbating to orgasm throughout the duration of their challenges.
  • No Edging: Masturbation may or may not include “edging,” which is physical stimulation without orgasm. Most fapstronauts do not allow it during a challenge; others do. Your call.
  • No Porn: Most fapstronauts also choose to avoid deliberately viewing pornography. Some choose to allow one or the other (pornography or masturbation), depending on their individual goals. Many fapstronauts are here only to break away from pornography and continue masturbation. A few fapstronauts are here to cut down on their excessive masturbation and choose to allow the viewing of pornography. As previously stated, these decisions are entirely up to you and should be based on your goals.
  • Hard Mode: Choose your difficulty level. It is up to you whether you would like to allow yourself to engage in sexual acts with another person or not. Allowing no outlet for sexual release is dubbed “hard mode”. But some people find the challenge easier without sex because it sometimes increases cravings afterward.
  • Duration: How long would you like your challenge to last? A week? A month? Ninety days? This is up to you.
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Purpose of this Blog
This blog is run by nofap reddit members TylerDurden788 and JohnWick-BabaYaga to collect posts and resources which motivate, create awareness and provide different tips and trick to get rid of this porn and masturbation addiction and to some extent internet addiction. Suggest us by commenting if you have any new ideas to improve this blog. Thanks